(Photo Framed) Les Hanois Lighthouse - Guernsey (PCO7883)

(Photo Framed) Les Hanois Lighthouse - Guernsey (PCO7883)

Les Hanois Lighthouse - Guernsey (PCO7883)

I created this image when I received my new 150-600mm lens. I wanted to see how much detail it captured and how sharp it was. Although the weather was prety dull and foggy, I was impressed at how well it caught it. I used the fog to my advantaged and created this artistic look of the Les Hanois Lighthouse.


The lighthouse is situated at the western end of the Channel Islands, rising from a reef on the south west side of the Island of Guernsey, Les Hanois Lighthouse is important in the development of lighthouse engineering, because not only all the stones in each course but also all the courses were dovetailed together to form one solid mass. Various methods of jointing the stones in rock towers have been employed. Smeaton developed the use of granite blocks for rock towers, and he connected them together with metal pins and marble dowels. Alan Stevenson used a similar method in the construction of the Skerryvore Lighthouse, whilst his father, Robert Stevenson, arranged stones of each course in the Bell Rock, so that they formed a series of dovetails. In this manner each course locked together into a solid single unit, and the courses were then pinned together. It was James Douglass who suggested that the stones might be dovetailed together both laterally and vertically. The cement mortar in the joint formed between the faces so locked the dovetails that the stones cannot be separated without being broken. This method was first employed at the Les Hanois Lighthouse, and it became the pattern for all sea rock towers.


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