(P. Framed) Jerbourg Foghorn - St. Martins - Guernsey (PCO2224)

(P. Framed) Jerbourg Foghorn - St. Martins - Guernsey (PCO2224)

(Rolled) Jerbourg Foghorn - St. Martins - Guernsey (PCO2224)

The St. Martin's Point signal station blasting off it's fog horn on a foggy day. If you go down to it when the fog horn is going you will need ear plugs because it is extremely loud. It's position is 49"25.30'N 002"31.30'W and it is situated at the bottom of the cliff, below Jerbourg car park, in St. Martin's, Guernsey in the Channel Islands and is an aid to navigation at sea. You can get to it by walking down the cliff path from Jerbourg car park which involves going down about 250 steps or a flatter but longer walk from the path by L'auberge Divette Restaurant. The fog horn sounds three times every 30 seconds. There is a split white and red light on top of the roof which flashes 3 times every 10 seconds and can be seen up to 14 miles away. If you are at sea and you see the white light you are safe to continue, but if you can see the red light you will soon be hitting rocks.


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