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Thank you for taking interest in my page and my work. I have always had a keen interest in photography since I can remember. MY first camera was a manual film Nikon in my early teens. I didn't have any idea as how to use it and so got myself a Kodak semi loading pocket camera. I loved it. Years have gone by and it is only the last few years that I have taken it up to a serious level.

I am a passionate photographer and enjoy new sights and ideas. Some say that I am my own worst critic as I tend to criticise my own work. I aim to please and give beyond the expectations to my clients. From animals to people, events to weddings, property to landscapes, my creativity looks beyond it.

If you enjoy my work, please check out my gallery, online store or even make a booking for your own personal, stress free session. I have even created great Photo Session Gift sets that cover just about everything. If not, just ask me, nothing's impossible.

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